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Working with wood is where Jimmy feels at home.  He started his career as a young man working as carpenter, eventually leading to his own business specializing in trim work, kitchens, bathrooms and decks.  Much of Jimmy’s wood creations techniques are self-taught.  He loves to explore new ideas and techniques and gains inspiration from nature.  He often begins turning the wood with an open mind, allowing the wood to guide him toward what it wants to be.   Jimmy was also thrilled to attend the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina where he studied wood turning techniques.

When not in his shop Jimmy spends much of his time hiking trails and enjoying the great outdoors that he loves.  He also enjoys volunteering and works with the local hospice and homeless shelters. 

Jimmy Kling lives and works in Nebo, North Carolina on a small mountain which faces the Blue Ridge Mountains.  He works with his wood creations alongside his constant companion, Polly (a sweet German Shepherd rescue).  

Jimmy is originally from Fairfield County, Connecticut, where he lived before moving to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  He is happy to call North Carolina his home. 

A few words about Jimmy Kling